Mega Bamboo Musical Marble Run


  • Strong, sturdy marble run sets made of bamboo and other sustainable materials; open-ended construction creativity; includes 30 marbles, instruction book, rope marble catchers
  • Endless building possibilities; Follow instructions to get started; Combine with other Bamboo Builder Marble Runs to create the ultimate marble-run metropolis
  • Perfect for ages 4 to 10; Features hand-crafted, carbonized tracks, colorful bamboo cylinders, sustainable wood powder spirals ? Safe for kids, friendly to the environment; BPA-Free
  • Creative construction hones fine motor skills, visual spatial skills, early engineering skills; Inspires creativity, critical thinking, three-dimensional thinking; Teaches problem-solving and innovation
  • Easy-to-open packaging doubles as storage box; made in China
  • Description

    Drop in on a brilliantly beautiful, musical, eco conscioius marble-run adventure! Early engineering, creativity, and problem-solving all get a big boost with this unique experience.

    This set features hand-crafted, carbonized tracks, colorful bamboo cylinders, and a sustainable wood powder spiral that deliver multi-functional fun and exploration. PLUS ? you?ll also find chimes that make music as the marbles roll this way and that!


    Marble-fun fun becomes a musical adventure!

    Fine Motor Skills
    Visual-Spatial Skills
    Early Engineering Skills
    Critical Thinking
    Problem Solving
    Logic and Reasoning
    Early Physics
    Musical Exploration
    Eco Conscious
    Easy to Build


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