Tobbles Stacking Toy by Fat Brain


  • Physics interplays with design perfection with this vibrant set of six wobbling, wiggling, spinnable, stackable spheres; a design-savvy conversation piece for parents, a brilliant playtime experience for children
  • Balance them, nest them, spin them, stack them up in all kinds of gravity-defying angles; watch them wobble, tilt, wiggle, and roll; ideal for busy, curious children
  • Playtime perfection for children ages 2 and up; fully safety tested; made with high quality ABS plastic; BPA-free; built exceptional strong to stand up to endless toppling and dropping
  • Inspires sensory exploration, imaginative thinking, creativity, experimentation; strengthens fine motor skills, coordination, visual-spatial acuity; creativity and innovative play take on a new spin!
  • Winner of Major Fun Award for Toys, Dr. Toy 10 Best Creative Products Award, Parents’ Choice Recommended Award, Parents Magazine Toy of the Year, and more; Includes 6 dual-colored spheres and a base to stack them on
  • Description

    Stack, topple, spin, balance, wobble, tilt, and wiggle! Little hands delight in the never-ending discovery of Tobbles.

    Physics interplays with design perfection. Creativity, experimentation, and innovative play take on a new spin. And do they ever spin! The 6 uniquely weighted Tobbles pieces can be carefully balanced, suitably nested, recklessly spun, and stacked to tower far above your expectations.


    Tobbles accelerates aptitudes for exploration with hours of abstract fun!

    Innovative Play
    Sensory Exploration
    Fine Motor Skills
    Visual-Spatial Acuity
    Open-Ended Play
    Dual-Textured Surface
    Early Physics Lessons


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