Mirrored Stacking Pebbles


Children will be absorbed by this reflective collection of 20 differently sized, lightweight metallic discs. These smooth shiny pebbles will fascinate when laid in paths and stacked. They come in four different sizes to distinguish, sort and sequence.


This gorgeous collection will engage and enthrall children as they build or simply marvel at the reflections in these lightweight, shiny mirror pebbles. The smooth surface has a highly polished mirrored surface, while the irregular shape encourages children to try stacking them in towers – see how they wobble! A fantastic open-ended treasure collection with a lovely aesthetic quality, creating a real sense of awe and wonder.

Additional information

Package Dimensions

26 x 25.4 x 13.8 cm

Manufacturer recommended age:

3 years and up

Shipping Weight

1.3 Kg


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