Large Sensory Light-up Bubble Aquarium


  • SENSORY STIMULATION: LED lights change bubble colors and pretend fish bob in the tank, as the pump hums gently. This combination stimulates the senses, great for children with autism, special needs and ADHD.
  • DECORATIVE DISPLAY: This is a great way to improve the d?cor of your dining room, bedroom, living room or even an office or doctor’s waiting area. It is a LED floor lamp, fish tank and column fountain all in one.
  • EASY TO USE: To set up, simply fill with water, insert the mock fish, and plug it in. There is an on/off switch on the base. Our LED lights are bright and energy efficient so they are cost effective to run.
  • BEDTIME ROUTINE: Watching the fish & bubbles float has a soothing, calming effect, particularly for autistic children. The soft ?buzz? sound can function as a sound machine to help your child relax and go to sleep.
  • EXTRA LARGE: This pillar style water bubble tube stands at 105cm tall, more than 3 feet high! It offers a wide array of changing colors, and is helps create a more relaxed, calm environment at home or the office.
  • Description


    Have you always dreamed of having an aquarium but feel hesitant about the commitment? This Artificial Aquarium Bubble Tube gives you the best of both worlds – a beautiful aquarium display with minimal maintenance.

    Eight fish of 4 different colors and 2 sizes ?bob? up and down and flap their fins in this water tank while interacting with the bubbles. Our LED lights emit a bright, long-lasting color, while remaining energy efficient and cost effective.


    Sensory Bubble Tube
    Changing LED Light Floor Lamp
    Height: 41.3 Inches (3.3 Feet/105cm)
    Black Base & Cap
    Clear Tube
    On / Off Switch
    8 Fake Fish
    Sturdy Base
    Power Adaptor (120V AC 60Hz input / 12V AC 500mA output)

    LED Lights in 7 Colors:



    Aside from accessorizing your space, this Sensory Bubble Tube Aquarium is educational. Watching the fish float up and down promotes children?s object tracking skills, while seeing the lights alternate between different colors enhances color recognition. The repetitive movements of the bubbles and fish with alternating colors and the soft ?buzz? of the machine provides the perfect stimulation for individuals with special needs, autism, ADHD and dementia, fitting right into sensory rooms, , schools, and nursing homes alike. This floor lamp can also have a calming effect on individuals with anxiety and help relieve tension, making it a perfect nightlight for kids? bedrooms.


    Here at Playlearn, we believe that children learn best when they are at play, exploring their world while developing fundamental skills. Our products are designed to stimulate the five senses while promoting the development of fine motor, object tracking, color and shape recognition, auditory localization, and more.


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