Thumb Chucks Light up Fidget Toy


Inspired by Greek Belgeri beads, thumb chucks are a fun fidget-and-skill toy that light up as they move. The tough, rubbery balls are as satisfying to squeeze as they are to learn new tricks with.


Control the roll with Thumb Chucks! Master your technique and learn tons of tricks. Thumb Chucks are composed of two high-bounce balls connected by a special belt. The chucks are interchangeable, allowing for unique customization, and each chuck contains a high-powered LED light that pulses with each impact, allowing you to play at anytime of day. Download the free app to view tutorials, watch Pros and film your own videos. Learn the first few tricks within minutes, but be careful, Thumb Chucks are highly addictive! Package contains 1 Thumb Chucks. Assorted colors of green, orange, blue and red.


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